Thursday, August 9, 2012

What kind of music should you listen to while at work?

Not sure if I totally agree with the classic/jazz suggestion for my creative position, but this infographic is pretty cool! 

I feel as if it's right on for the Hubs though... Classic rock all the way :-)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Oz - the prequel...

I simply CANNOT wait to see this movie and had to share the trailer with you; enjoy!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pinterest Hits & Misses - recipe edition

I don't know about you, but Pinterest has been my go to spot for dinner inspiration lately. For a while, Food Network, Chow and Epicurious were my go-tos, but lately I just can't seem to get enough of those perfectly styled food photos that cause my tummy to growl and the "chef" in me to think - "Hey! I can do that!"

Here are a couple of our favorite Pinterest-inspired recipes:

But... with all of the "hits" Pinterest has helped me create, there have certainly been some misses:

Umm... We thought it would be nice a refreshing. Weird. Just don't.

  Beautiful, crisp bright colors - drowned out by an overly-sweet dressing :-(

I don't know what the heck went wrong here. Primarily the meatballs were just wrong - dry, under-seasoned, odd texture. And unfortunately the "world's best tzatziki sauce" was not even better than our basic supermarket version :-/
I added the quotes around "creamy" because this was anything but - and also made me feel as if I wasted 8oz. of nice, fresh lump crab meat :-/ Tears... It was dry and a bit greasy.

So, how have your pins been working out for you?!? Anything outstanding that you'd share? As you can see there were certainly more hits than misses and I'm always willing to try something new. So - Bring. Them. On. Pinterest.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Monogram Wreath Craft - Thanks Pinterest!

So the random posting continues... Thanks for sticking with me here people :-) 

By now, I'm sure you're all on Pinterest - if so, follow me! I'm loving this addictive new social networking site, not just personally, but professionally. It' so fun pinning cool ideas and inspirational images for myself and for work. However, if you're like me, you haven't really put many of those pinned ideas to work in real life, well, anything other than the recipes. I've found my "Deliciousness" Pinterest board to be my go-to destination when meal and menu planning!

Well, I've finally put an end to the useless pinning (and not taking any action) the other day when I picked up all of the odds and ends necessary to create a new wreath for our front door - using all of those wreaths I've pinned as inspiration :-) Here's the main wreath, which inspired my own design:

Like I said, this was the inspiration - but, it was a bit too fussy for me... With the faux floral, house numbers and extra-large lettering. I knew that with a trip to my local craft store, I'd find just the ingredients to make the perfect wreath for us. And I did! First thing I located was a 24" grapevine wreath...

Then, I located the perfect simple faux greenery adornments - and a little feather never hurt anyone :-) You know how much I love feathers in floral, right?!?

I simply cut the "stalks" of the greenery and feathers down and threaded them into the vines of the wreath. I knew I wanted them a bit askew, so I did figure out the top and bottom of my wreath - some of the vines were fuller in some places than in others.

Here's a close up of that sweet feather detail on the wreath:

I knew I wanted to include some kind of moss monogram or initial, like the one in my inspiration image - but, I wasn't quite sure how I could achieve that look until I found the "moss roll." AMAZING! I can think of so many ways to use this unique product!

I figured that hot glue, from my mini glue gun, would be my best bet in adhering the moss. So I squeezed a bit of glue and wrapped, and trimmed, and glued some more. A few slight burns from the mini glue gun and I was here...

This process did take a bit of time, but as I moved along it became easier. One thing to note here - if you have any "bald spots" on your moss covered letter - squeeze out a bit of glue into the spot and sprinkle on some of the bits of moss green that came loose as you trim around your letters. Works like a charm!

And here's my completed moss initial - just what I was hoping for! And that almost never seems to happen with my crafts :-)

Next, I needed to find a way to attach my letter to the center of my wreath. I'd also picked up this burlap ribbon at my hardware store, thinking I'd be able to incorporate it into the wreath in some way - well, it worked perfectly as the "letter hanger!" A few staples later and we were in business.

This is one of the loves of my crafting life - my new(ish) electric staple gun. I can't believe we didn't invest in one of these earlier, what with all of the DIY upholstery projects I've taken on. I got it for recovering my new upholstered ottoman, and it worked great! More to come on that project later...

Here's the backside of my wreath and moss wrapped initial - our door is solid, so I didn't have to worry about the backside :-) I guess if you have a glass door, you'd want this side of your letter to be covered nicely too.

In a little more than an hour, our wreath was complete! And I'm loving the results! It was the perfect replacement for an old, drab, berry wreath that was supposed to stay out for the fall only. And here we were three years later, ha!

Well, I'm loving the new addition to our front porch :-) Hopefully you're inspired to craft something from your Pinterest boards - it makes the whole pinning process even more exciting!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ottoman Wishes Do Come True!

You may remember my most recent post in which I lamented over the search for the perfect cocktail ottoman to utilize as a coffee table in our family room...

Well, I'm excited to finally share that I found THE one. Here it is sitting pretty in the designer showroom where I discovered the answer to my ottoman prayers:

As you can see, it fulfills about 65% of my initial list of requirements for this specific piece of furniture - and 100% of my new list. The fabulous, carved wooden base is only topped by the perfect "built in" tray! Not to mention the quality - North Carolina-made, honey! Truly, angels began singing in the background... Or, perhaps it was my sister in the background yacking away about a blue headboard she needed so badly. Forget it! This shopping trip wasn't about a headboard - I'd found the ottoman!

I was ready to take the plunge then and there and order up one of these bad boys, in my choice of custom upholstery, of course, when the super friendly design consultant I'd been working with shared a secret - they'd be holding their annual clearance sale in about two weeks. Apparently everything is 10-70% off during this time, but you have to take the floor model. Which is a-ok by me, now that I'm well skilled in the area of {very} amateur re-upholstery, as evidenced here, here and here.

Always up for a good deal, I surprised myself with an extraordinary level of patience and faith as I waited out those two weeks, and keeping my fingers crossed that this gem hadn't been picked up by some other savvy home decorator. Luckily, when I called on the morning the sale began, I found that this piece was still available and that the floor model was 30% off!!! I paid for it over the phone and the Hubs helped pick it up and bring it home the next day. Here it is in our family room:

I think the muted(ish) zebra print upholstery is super cute, alas, it's not to be for our home. Although I do want something that will add a pop of color and fun! Enter the amazing array of ottoman fabric possibilities...











As you can see they (almost) all have similar blue-orange/reddish characteristics. Like I said - I want something fun and maybe even young and modern :-) I think it will be a perfect offset to the otherwise traditional lines of the piece. Also, I'd love to bring in a fabric which will tie together our blue kitchen with the orange/reddish/rust colored accent walls facing our family room (you can see a peek of them behind the sofa in the pic above). 

So - the BIG question is - which should I go with?!? Pretend they're all the same price point and all as easy to get, even if that isn't entirely true... And give me your gut reaction.

Thanks for your help and have a wonderful week!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I Want A Tufted Cocktail Ottoman for Christ-mas...

Only the perfect tufted cocktail ottoman will do! 
(The above sung to the tune of "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas")

It would feature...

- Beautifully turned wooden legs - preferably capped with antique bronze casters and in a wood tone, complementary to the rest of our decor
- Appropriately generous proportions - we need something pretty large to work in the space we have
- A lovely square or round shape - I'm not a big fan of rectangles or ovals in this application
- Fun and fabulous fabric and leather upholstery options - not sure which will work best for us yet, but I'm leaning toward a more modern fabric, which I think would pair nicely with the more traditional woodtone legs/feet
- An overall transitional style - not too traditional, not too contemporary
- An affordable price tag - everything I seem to fall in love with is $1,000+ - which just isn't in the budget for a coffee table for us... And, even if it was, $1,000+ would be a tough price to swallow for just one component of our living room decor.
- Something that's not going to cost an arm + leg to ship or take 6-8 months for delivery. Let's face it - I'd never be given the title of "World's Most Patient Person."
* A bonus for a piece that includes nail-head trim - in an antiqued brass finish.

So far, here's what I've found:

*I think the piece from Ballard Designs is my favorite - we can select custom upholstery, which is wonderful... BUT, I think I'd need TWO of these to fill the space I have in mind. And, although two would be wonderful, in regards to extra seating - ease of movement of the pieces, etc., I'm back over $1,000 for our cocktail table solution :-(

So, here's the big money question - does anyone out there have any recommendations for the perfect tufted cocktail ottoman for our home?!?

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Recent happenings... Halloween, fun food & skeet shooting.

This past week/weekend was full of fall fun, including lots of great food, Halloween festivities and a derive up toward the North GA mountains for... What else?!? Skeet shooting, ha!

Our Marketing department at work holds a Halloween pumpkin carving contest each year. And our company's Facebook "fans" vote for their favorite. There's always stiff competition, but it's always a great time! Check out my LSU Jack 'O Lantern I created for this year's competition:

I'm proud of it :-) Although we didn't come in 1st place - a funny pumpkin sporting a mustache and eyebrows did! 

We also bring along snacks/drinks to share with the Marketing Team Members and this year I made a super yummy and very popular "Honey Nut Snack Mix." Delish! Even the left overs were called for by the end of our little Halloween event, ha!

Last Friday I had a great opportunity to support our local Salvation Army by attending their annual breakfast fundraiser. It was a great event and Jeff Foxworthy was the keynote speaker!

His speech was funny {obviously} but also heartwarming and sentimental - all in all, a wonderful start to my Friday!

On Saturday the Hubs had a hankerin' for mimosas, yes, the Hubs sure did. So, he ran out for some fresh OJ and came back with bags {and bags!} of groceries for lunch - which he planned on making. All on his own.

But, first things first, here... The mimosas were served {oh, and, as you may see, college football was turned on}:

Next, the Hubs got to work on his "secret" Saturday lunch for us both. I'll admit - I was worried initially. And maybe even a little aggravated each time he had to ask me where something was {he should know!} or how to do something. However, in the end our meal was amazing and I didn't have to do much at all :-)

The Hub's blue cheese and Parmesan nachos:

His main course - grilled NY strip steaks, corn on the cob {with special "secret" seasonings he added inside the husks; brilliant!} and asparagus:

I was {and still am} SO impressed with his new found culinary skills :-)

We went to a Halloween soiree Saturday night at one of our neighbor's houses, where we dressed up as newlyweds the soon-to-be-divorced Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries.

We slept in late on Sunday and then enjoyed a beautiful drive through part of North Georgia, on our way to go skeet shooting - one of the Hub's favorite activities! It was my first time, but I think I at least looked the part...

The Hubs took it a step further and wore some kind of hunting/skeet shooting vest. Not my favorite:

Finally on to Monday - Halloween! One of my favorite holidays of the year :-) We've developed a tradition in our household where each Halloween we bring up the patio furniture from the back yard to our driveway and set up a bon fire in our old charcoal grill and let the kiddies roast marshmallows for s'mores. It's fun for kids young and old!

This Halloween, I also tried my hand at "carving" our pumpkins this year with the Hub's drill. Check out our masterpieces:

I think they turned out pretty cute and were super simple = an "A plus" in my book :-)

This year, after most of the trick or treaters went to bed, a few of our neighbors congregated at our place for cocktails and an impromptu get together. So fun! And, one couple brought over their sweet pup Lucy to play with our dog, Max - can you tell them apart:

That's Lucy on the left, Max on the right :-) And they're just too cute together!

A fantastic fall weekend - here's to many more!!!